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Over 20 years of east & west coast print, design and illustration knowledge. Over 15 years of commercial prepress and retouching experience.

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    Need a new look for your corporate identity, logo, announcement or ad design?
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    Need a special image to dress up your design composition but feel you can only settle for stock photography or clip-art?
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    Tony DeOliveira Illustration & Graphic Design
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You imagine. We create. We're ready. Are you? Social media marketing, new internet strategies, and old school, tried and true print media streams offer unlimited and extremely cost-effective possibilities for every organization. Unfortunately, opportunities are missed and budgets are blown due to a lack of understanding of creative processes that are either used incorrectly or (sadly) not at all. Having a resource on your side to help with those tasks can make a huge impact on the success of your business.

Thats where we come in.

There's never been a better time to find out how the team at olivearts | Tony DeOliveira Illustration & Graphic Design can put your organization's marketing and design light years ahead of your competition.

Contact us today to discuss all the latest and greatest DESIGN, WEB, ILLUSTRATION, SOCIAL MEDIA, and PRINTING options just waiting for you.

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Why pick us over the next Design/Print Group?

Among all the standard traits of a traditional creative firm, we're specialists in email marketing campaigns and can create campaigns suited precisely to your current and future needs. We also work with any of your existing email and hosting solution packages and can give the added design flair to your current marketing solutions.

Our creative packages focus on every business and marketing need imaginable to set your company apart from the rest. Now is a wonderful time to focus on building a personailized relationship with your clients. Call us today to find out how the creative folks at Tony DeOliveira Illustration & Graphic Design can help launch your ideas to heights only dreamed of.

Oh, and if you already are doing in house publications, email campaigns and any other marketing, find out from us how easy and cost effective it can be for us to design your creative work and hand off the finished files so your team would still print and produce the stuff you currently do in-house. Call us to find out how.

"Change is good. Really." Too often we have the proverbial more important things take precedence in our our business landscapes when the things that are truly important fall through the cracks. The marketing brochure all of a sudden feels dull. The sales material from three years ago doesn't have POP anymore. The logo (that Aunt Suzy's next door neighbor made so we could save a few bucks) doesn't portray us in a professional light. If you share any of those thoughts, then it's three words, my friends. Three words to change your media presence for the better - Regroup. Rethink. Reinvent.

Regroup your business strategies - Get more bang for the buck with targeted marketing and smart approaches to print and web based media.

Rethink your current advertising approach - Realize tried and true ways to provide information to your present audience and blaze a path for markets currently untouched.

Reinvent your company's creative presence - Sometimes a fresh coat of paint does intangible wonders to the world around you.

A fresh graphic design and illustration approach can help. And that's how Tony DeOliveira Illustration & Graphic Design will change things for you. Interested? We're just a phone call away.




If this is your first time visiting or a returning friend (Thank You!), we hope this site is informative and able to provide understanding in what our services and partnership can creatively offer.


Targeted Design... Our goal is to offer a creative outlet for all of your visual design needs. We specialize in graphic design with prepress concentration and the team has over two decades of industry expertise to aid you in logo creation, ad layout, book design, announcements, invitations and any other visual need you and your organization require.


Focused Illustration... Our specialties lie in oils and watercolors as well as graphite pencil renderings. Our digital illustration experience is extensive, utilizing both vector and raster based file formats which satisfy every imaginable need out there.


Partnerships in the industry... Allies in the print, web and marketing fields are crucial for business. Contact us to find out how your projects can benefit from the coordinated services we offer.


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